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Pragya Aparadh

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The Additional or Follow-up consultation is appropriate only if you are having the Enhanced Consultation at the same time, or have had it within the past 4 months.
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 Disorderly thought or action  Mind unsettled
 Feel vulnerable to outside influences  Blocked energy flow
 In good health  Have had disorders addressed by MVVT
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 Adequate rest  Exercise
 Largely vegetarian diet  TM program
 Regular TM program  TM-Sidhi program
 Regular TM-Sidhi program  MAPI supplements
 Maharishi Rejuvenation program (panchakarma)  Maharishi Yagyas
 Maharishi Sthapatya-Ved home  Maharishi Sthapatya-Ved office
2) How many prior 3-session Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultations have you had for Pragya Aparadh?
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2) What was the average percentage of improvement you gained as a result?
Percent improvemnt through Pragya Aparadh  75-100%  50-75%  25-50%  0-25%  Unsure
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