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Fee Information

A research project currently underway is enabling us to offer consultations for significantly less in many locations including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Australia, Holland and Japan. The special research fees are based on the number of disorders being addressed per consultation and how recently one has had a Vedic Vibration consultation in the past. Fees may vary slightly from country to country.

The Vedic Vibration research consultation fees in the U.S. are:
$900 for the first disorder and $450 for each additional disorder. If a participant would like to return to have another Vedic Vibration consultation for the same or a different disorder within four months of a previous consultation, the fee is also reduced to $450 for what is referred to as a Follow-up disorder consultation.

See fee information for my country.

A consultation typically consists of three sessions, lasting approximately 40 minutes or more, depending on the number of disorders being addressed. In some cases, the severity and special circumstances of an individual's condition will require more than one consultation.

Research Participation: Participants in the research project are asked to fill out initial results and long-term follow-up questionnaires regarding improvements. Except for statistical studies, all information you provide will be kept strictly confidential unless you expressly authorize us, in writing, to use your name and information in a report or testimonial.

When Payment is Due: After your application has been received and processed, your local Vedic Vibration program coordinator will contact you by phone to schedule your consultation and take your consultation fee payment.

Refund Policy: Although many people report significant improvement, no promises or warranties are made that any particular goal, result or benefit will be produced by the consultation. The fee is paid in consideration of the services provided and is not contingent upon the attainment of any particular result. If one decides to cancel a scheduled appointment, we will issue a full refund, provided we have 24 hours notice. In case of last-minute cancellations--less than 24 hours notice--a $35 cancellation fee will be assessed. Once the consultation has begun, no refunds are made.


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