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Testimonials and Case Studies

Please note: The results described herein are particular to the individuals who experienced them. There can be no assurance that other participants in the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology program will obtain the same results.

Cardiovascular Disorders
Hearing Problems
Endocrine Disorders
Eye Problems
Gastrointestinal Disorders
Gynecological Disorders
Mental Disorders
Musculo-Skeletal Disorders
Pain as the Primary Problem
Respiratory Disorders
Skin Disorders
Uterine Fibroids
Other Disorders

Allergies   Back to Menu

Allergies to Chemical Solvents
"I turned to Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology for relief from allergies to chemical solvents, particularly paint fumes. Within a month I was able to paint furniture for many hours at a time during the week. I suffered none of the headaches, chest pains or depression I used to experience when I entered a room with fresh paint."--Christine Clark Johnson

Cardiovascular Disorders   Back to Menu

Reduction in Hypertension
"Heart disease runs in my family--three of my grandparents died from heart disease and my father, who was put on hypertension medication while in his mid-thirties, has had to undergo cardiovascular surgery. I am also susceptible, and if I am not very careful, my blood pressure climbs rapidly. By practicing the Transcendental Meditation program conscientiously, however, and by exercising regularly and following a balanced diet I have been able to stay off of medication so far. Even so, before my Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation, my blood pressure would climb to a worrisome 150/90 or higher by mid-afternoon. Since my consultation, my blood pressure hasn't exceeded 130/85 and is almost always at 120/80 or better.
The nicest part, though, is that my experience of life has been lighter and happier since my consultation. The pace of events feels slower and more enjoyable even though my outward circumstances haven't changed."

Hearing Problems   Back to Menu

Hearing Loss
"I have suffered from significant hearing loss for quite some time. I had my hearing tested at the University clinic last week, after having a Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation, to see if my experience of improved hearing would be verified by test. At the clinic, they tested six or eight different frequencies in each ear. I showed a 20-decibel improvement in one frequency (4000Hz) in my better ear. The audiologist said that was a significant improvement. The improved frequency is an important one for hearing speech.
"So my subjective experience was verified by objective tests. It really has made it easier for me to follow conversations in daily situations, and I am hearing sounds I haven't heard in many years. This has had a very positive effect on my psychology, since my ability to hear has been declining significantly in the past two years. Hopefully the decline will be slowed or reversed. I recommend this program."--Louis Hammond

"My son Soren very much enjoyed his sessions. After each one, he was extremely calm, settled and focused in filling out his forms. Following the first session, when my wife asked him if he felt different, he said, 'Something is different inside, and it will never go away.'
"Soren noticed a change in his hearing right away. He didn't need to turn the television up as loud. His schoolteachers saw an increased ability to work independently and accomplish more. Adult friends said he seemed calmer, more mature. His muscular tics have basically disappeared. Soren has said he would love to do it again."--Craig Pearson

Endocrine Disorders   Back to Menu

"For almost thirty years I have had an enlarged and underactive thyroid. To my surprise, immediately after my first Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology session, I noticed my throat felt more open and unrestricted. My second surprise came two days later. As I started singing, I realized I could actually sing effortlessly and very well again. I had a great singing voice as a child, but I lost the ability as I got older. As a result of my Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation, I can now sing better than I have for decades."--C. G.

Eye Problems   Back to Menu

Improvement in Cataracts
"I've had cataracts for about thirteen years. I went through two consultations for them, three sessions each time. About a week after the first consultation, I could see a good ten to twenty percent dissolving of the cataracts. So I did it again a month or two later. Of everything I've tried, the results from this program were the quickest and most dramatic. I plan on doing it once or twice more until they're gone." --Mark Barlettani

Gastrointestinal Disorders   Back to Menu

Colitis Symptoms Disappear
"Earlier this year I was diagnosed with colitis and received traditional medical treatment to remove the inflammation. After a few months the symptoms began to return. During the first session I knew immediately that something really profound had happened to my physiology. I experienced an overall feeling of well being and bliss throughout my entire body. By the time my sessions were over, I no longer had any symptoms. Four months later, not only have I had no symptoms, but my digestion and elimination are also better than they have ever been in my entire lifetime."--Terry Nevas

"I have suffered from constipation on and off for six years. Since my Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation, I have 90percent relief from my symptoms. My abdomen feels lighter and more comfortable and my elimination is more regular."

Stomach Pain
"I have been suffering from ulcer-like stomach pain and digestive problems for about seven or eight years. I took medications for the stomach pain for a few years, even though they didn't give any significant relief. I began to be concerned about the side effects I was having from the medications, and the fact that they were not addressing the problem itself. I decided to look for a way to address the cause of the symptoms, and began consulting with a Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health physician.
"For the last few years I have been increasingly able to manage the situation without medications, using dietary changes and the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health guidelines for good digestion and daily routine. With these recommendations, the situation has gradually been improving.
"When I met with the Vedic Vibration program expert, I was very struck with what a sweet, refined, and devoted person he was. The sessions themselves were pretty much heavenly. The expert did all the work. It was very relaxing. There was no discomfort that one would usually associate with medical diagnostics or treatment.
"The pain and discomfort in my stomach is between 80 to 90 percent gone. My digestion, which has always been very slow, is now 70 to 80 percent improved. My digestion did not improve as quickly as the stomach pain, but seems to be improving more now with time. Something very fundamental seems to have changed or normalized, and now I think my physical functioning is responding.
"This is definitely the wave of the future in medicine. It was so easy and uplifting." --Male, mid 40s

Chronic Digestive Problems
"I had suffered from chronic digestive problems for over 15 years. I could digest only the simplest, blandest of foods, and eating had become a very stressful experience for me. I lost 1/4 of my body weight and could not regain it. Western medicine and natural treatments were of minimal help.
"During the first Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology session I felt a deep release and freeing in my stomach area. It felt wonderful and soothing. During each of the sessions my whole body felt like open space, unbounded and free, very soft and fluid. My stomach felt like it was loosening and opening up.
"As a result of the sessions my mind is feeling soft and settled, much less worried and anxious. My appetite has become more balanced and I am enjoying the taste of the food and the process of eating. Also, I can digest many foods I couldn't eat before. My body is really filling out-I have gained at least 10 pounds in the last month. My strength, stamina and energy have also increased greatly.
"After so many years of suffering, these results are incredible. My life has been transformed. I am deeply appreciative of this new technology."

Poor Assimilation
"My doctor told me my diet was great, but I was not assimilating well. When I began the session for digestion, immediately I became aware of some fatigue in the digestive tract, from my throat to the base of my stomach. Then I got really hungry! Now I am so much more contented during and after eating, not feeling the craving for a big dessert to be satisfied. It's a subtle thing, but my digestion is greatly improved."--Jan Shaw

Improved Digestion Normalizes Weight
"I've been thin all my life. In school, other kids called me "Skinny". Due to my poor digestion, if I ate large meals I felt dull and heavy, but didn't gain weight. Oils, fatty foods and milk in particular gave me problems. Almost immediately after the consultation I noticed my digestion was stronger. I started to eat slightly heavier foods and drink milk, and began gaining weight steadily. It's now been five months since the consultation, and my weight has completely normalized. My digestion and assimilation are great. For the first time in my life I can eat anything I want and digest it easily."

Gynecological Disorders   Back to Menu

Menstrual Irregularity
"My monthly cycle had been highly irregular so in 1997 my doctor recommended I go on the pill to "jump start" a regular cycle. But I didn't want to try either the synthetic brand or the regular animal-based kind, or even the vegetable-derived pill.
"In March 1999 I had a Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation. Since then my cycle has become as regular as it used to be and the pre-menstrual discomforts I used to feel are hardly noticeable.
"In my opinion this program is the best thing going in the field of health. In the last four years alternative and western medicine could do nothing compared to what my Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation did in three short sessions." --Female, mid 30s

Menstrual Irregularity
"About a year and a half ago, my body just stopped menstruating. After the first session I immediately started feeling menstrual cramps-I always get cramps with my periods-and then a month went by and I started menstruating. It's been regular ever since...amazing, really amazing!" --Female, early 20s

Absence of Menstrual Period
"Six weeks ago I had my first consultation in Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology. For seven months prior to the consultation my menstrual period had completely stopped. I thought that I had gone through an early menopause and experienced occasional hot flashes. After my second treatment I had a normal period, and the following month I was right on schedule with a very comfortable period. I no longer have hot flashes and I'm experiencing a greater feeling of general happiness and well-being." --Female, mid 40s

Menopausal Difficulties
"I've been suffering from menopausal hot flashes for about one year. Recently they were becoming more intense and had begun to disturb my sleep. I was waking up regularly at 3:00 a.m. and was unable to fall asleep again for a few hours. After my third session, I noticed that these episodes were becoming less intense. A few days later, I was able to sleep through the whole night undisturbed. Now, about two weeks later, I'm still sleeping through the night.
"I had also been having recurrent menopausal headaches. They would disturb my sleep and cause continuous discomfort several days a month. These have now disappeared. I'm thankful I've been able to handle this situation without having to take any drugs, or expose myself to their harmful side effects. I've enjoyed only side benefits from this program-increasing balance and a growing sense of vitality."

Hot Flashes Decreased over Time
"I had a consultation in April for three disorders. At that time, two of the disorders virtually disappeared immediately. But the third, hot flashes, actually increased in intensity, even though I was feeling better inside. Now, four months later, my hot flashes have decreased significantly in number and intensity. I feel that this disorder will also disappear."

Mental Disorders   Back to Menu

Anxiety and Depression
"I've had symptoms of chronic anxiety, low self esteem, lethargy and lack of enthusiasm for day to day life. My experiences with the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation have been very good. It seems to get to the root of the problem, rather than just providing some temporary alleviation of the symptoms. For example, I was hoping that after the consultation I would feel happier or more enthusiastic during the day. While I have experienced some of this, the effects seem to be much more profound. Instead of just some elevation of mood, which is a surface level phenomenon, the real result has been a very deep feeling of security and stability.
"What is amazing to me is that I have lived for so long being overshadowed by these symptoms. I did not remember what feeling good was like. This is the tragedy of any chronic symptom. The mind becomes so used to being overshadowed that one forgets the experience of sunshine. One comes to feel that life in the shadows is all that there is, and this feeling can run deep in the mind and influence one's behavior. I feel now as though I am waking up from a bad dream and remembering what normal life is like. This is a very profound and unexpected gift."--Male, early 30s

"For the last 27 years it's taken me a minimum of an hour, usually closer to an hour and a half or two hours to fall asleep. I've tried numerous different therapies and none of them have worked. It's been debilitating because I don't get up early enough, or when I do get up at the right time, I'm tired. The night of my first Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology session I fell asleep within five minutes. Since then it's taken only fifteen minutes at the most to fall asleep each night. It definitely is instant relief from something I considered to be a major problem." --Pat Yankaus

Daughter's Anxiety Improves Dramatically
"My 7-year-old daughter has a lot of anxiety-some of it from childbirth and some from when my wife and I divorced. After my daughter took the program, I noticed she had more willingness to try new things. Everything from food to friends to activity improved dramatically."

Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia
"I had consultations for three disorders: anxiety, insomnia, and depression. These were long-standing problems which interfered greatly with my quality of life.
"After the first session, I felt about 80 percent relief. I felt a profound change taking place in my body and mind, including a very clear experience of healing in my brain physiology. Since my consultation I have continued to enjoy relief of perhaps 60 to 70 percent. I am sleeping better, am far less anxious and depressed and, for the first time in a very long time, am experiencing happiness, peace and hope."--Female, mid 40s

Anxiety and Insomnia
"Life-long anxiety was greatly reduced after just one Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology session. Also, my sleep has taken on a deep, rejuvenating quality that has not been there for at least 25 years, if ever. No other program has been nearly as effective."--Female, mid 40s

"Within the first minute of the session for insomnia, I felt a huge flood of fatigue and tension leaving my body. I could feel muscles physically unwinding. Suddenly my head felt free from a heaviness that I hadn't been fully aware of before. I felt peaceful, relaxed and contented-much more like myself. After suffering from long-term insomnia, now I can fall asleep within 15 minutes, and stay asleep. What a difference proper sleep makes for a dynamic, creative, and happy day!" --Jan Shaw

Peaceful Household Restored
"Anger had been building up in our 8-year-old son. It really got bad after a hospital stay for asthma seven months earlier. From the first session the changes were phenomenal. That entire day he was so kind and sweet, which is basically his real nature. After the next two sessions-each a week apart-it seemed to really stabilize. I would say it improved by about 75 to 80 percent overall. This has totally changed our lives and allowed us to have a peaceful household again."

Son's Anger Improves
"We've noticed that our son is much more settled inside since his consultation, and he has less anger. Sometimes he still feels frustrated or disappointed and other negative emotions, but instead of them turning immediately into anger he's able to feel what is going on and deal with it. He is having fewer incidents and problems at school, and is getting along better with other kids. When he has a problem with another kid, he can apologize instead of insisting he is right."

"I am very lucky to have had the best Dad life could possibly offer! He was the greatest in every way-strong, intelligent, multi-talented, successful, funny, kind, generous, and always there for us. Losing him was the greatest loss I've ever known. Before this I did not truly know the meaning of a broken heart. When I started the session for grief, within the first second, a smile came upon my face! I felt extremely peaceful and happy. It used to be when I thought of my father, I would instantly feel like crying. Now, memories make me happy instead of sad." --Jan Shaw

Child's Grief Alleviated
"My 81/2-year-old son has gone through many changes in his short life. His older sister passed away when he was five, and my husband and I were recently divorced. His grief had recently begun to manifest as anger. Since his consultation, he has become much more himself again-happier and more caring of others."

Musculo-Skeletal Disorders   Back to Menu

"I have had some definite results from Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology, excellent results. Due to arthritis, my knees in general had become somewhat stiff. After my consultation, both knees became springy. That was nearly two months ago, and they’re still springy!" --Devani Wagner

"I've been suffering for about 30 years from what was diagnosed as osteoarthritis. I tried diet, food supplements, and liniments, yet my knees continued to trouble me and the joints in my hands started to distort. In trying this program, my hope was that I would find some relief from the distortion and the discomfort in my joints. I was not prepared for total, instant relief. I was astounded!
"Before the consultation my hands at times would not be able to close fully. After the three sessions they not only close fully, but they're completely flexible. "The discomfort in my knees was strongest early in the morning. Ordinarily when I get out of bed I stand very carefully at first before I start to walk. After one session of the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology program I think I could have jumped out of bed! For the first time in years the stiffness and discomfort of getting out of bed in the morning was completely gone.
"The results that I have had are increasing on a daily basis. I'm learning now to walk with grace and ease, where before I was an old lady waddling, trying to keep up. I am experiencing comfort where before I had discomfort and outright pain." --Tommie Lane

"I was diagnosed five years ago with bursitis in my hip. It hurt to walk. It hurt to sit. It hurt to go upstairs. It hurt to lie down in bed at night, and it was impossible to sit cross-legged on the floor. For an active preschool teacher that's really essential. The doctor gave me medication which never took the pain away. The next step was steroids, which I didn't want to use. "The first day 85 percent of my pain was gone. After the third session I felt so much better that my two children and I took a water taxi over to Manhattan and walked to Canal St for a delicious dinner. I never would have been able to walk that distance before. Here's a surprise bonus-my back pain also disappeared!" --Diane Wetherell

Pain and Stiffness in the Hip
"I have had pain, stiffness and restricted movement in my right hip since 1981. In February of 1998 I saw an orthopedic doctor and had x-rays taken showing degenerative osteoarthritis with quite significant loss of cartilage in the right hip. Prior to that I had been seeing osteopaths, chiropractors, a myotherapist, a cranial sacral therapist and while they all helped my function and overall bodily health, the hip pain remained and my mobility continued to decrease.
"In 1996 I started the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health Veda herb program and noticed progressive benefits, but I was still limping. In fall of 1998 I requested planetary yagyas through the Maharishi Yagya program. This improved my overall well being, energy, focus, happiness, stamina, and relations with my family. I felt much more in tune with my world. I was also finding more useful things that were helping my hip so the pain was becoming less of a problem. Mobility was increasing, but in an incremental way. I had a Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation because I wanted to speed things along.
"Immediately after the consultation the grip of pain was gone and I had more range of motion. I had a lot of pain and fatigue during the three days of my consultation, but my walking was smoother. Now I can stand and shop and carry groceries. I am also able to walk without hip pain most of the time, though I find it still can be sensitive from doing too much lifting. In short, I found instant relief from the grip of pain, increased range of motion, increased stamina, and improved walking. I expect to fulfill the experts statement that it will be perfect." --Judith Ann White

Rheumatoid Arthritis
"Rheumatoid arthritis runs in my family. The pain and swelling in my joints has been going on for two or three decades. After my consultation the pain decreased considerably, the swelling has gone down, and it actually feels like the size of the joints is subsiding, which I never expected to happen.
"The consultation is done so naturally that you don't even notice the pain has gone. It just sort of melts away over time. I'm absolutely amazed at the results, and the thing I like best is that it is absolutely painless. The whole procedure is a completely delightful experience." --Elizabeth Lazenby

Rheumatoid Arthritis
"I had been very concerned about my aunt, Darcus Key, for a long, long time. Now 77, she had been suffering from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis for 42 years. She's endured eight major joint replacement surgeries, including both wrists and hands.
"Now it has been almost two months since Aunt Darcus completed the program. She has been receiving massages with the sesame oil three times daily. She has not experienced any arthritic pain at all. The pain from the fractured vertebrae is manageable now. She says that if she begins to feel any pain, she closes her eyes and recalls the memory of how she felt during the consultation-peace, freedom from pain, and joy. When she opens her eyes, the pain is gone. The memory of health has been restored!" --Sue Harn

Degenerative Arthritis
"I've just completed Maharishi Vedic Vibration technology for degenerative arthritis in my right knee. This arthritis arose 26 years ago due an auto accident. Over the past 10 years, the arthritis has become steadily worse. I experienced twinges of pain almost every time I moved the joint, and especially when walking or climbing stairs.
"I've consulted the best orthopedic doctors in Iowa for treatment, and in each case was informed that the condition was inoperable and degenerative. Apart from regular exercise, no treatment could be prescribed. The long-term prognosis was for the condition to steadily worsen.
"After the first Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology session all the pain was gone from my knee. I could bend the knee without discomfort and could walk with no hint of pain (even when climbing stairs). I've not experienced such pain-free movement in many years. After two days, a small percentage of the pain (about 5-10 percent) reappeared. After the second treatment, this pain also dissolved.
"My right knee now remains virtually pain free (only the slightest discomfort re-emerges during low-pressure weather). At these times, application of the Vedic Vibration-treated oil entirely eliminates the remaining symptoms.
"When I first heard of this program, I doubted my arthritis, which has brought almost constant discomfort for 10 years, could be eliminated. To experience a transformation of this magnitude, so quickly, is truly remarkable. I'm deeply grateful for the relief provided by Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology. I highly recommend this to anyone." --Ben Gosvig

"I was treated for arthritis and muscle pain. I had moderate pain and stiffness in my hip, lower back, and neck. Now I only have slight pain occasionally in the hip and lower back (never in the neck). My stiffness has been cut in half. Nothing else had worked before."

Muscle and Ligament Problem
"For seven years I had a problem like frozen shoulder, but it was in the muscles around the hips. It was so bad I couldn't move fast; I couldn't exert myself.
"After my Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation I went for a run and there was no discomfort. The next day I did more running and some exercises, things that I hadn't done in seven years, and then the next day and the next. Now, three weeks after my consultation, I haven't had one pinch of pain in my hip area." --Richard Barnes

Shoulder Tension
"I felt 100 percent improvement in my shoulders after my Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation. For the first time in my life I felt no tension there-as if a huge weight had been lifted off me. I used to think I was muscle bound and that's why I couldn't freely move my shoulders and maintain good posture. Now I realize it was just stress inhibiting me. I feel I've been given a brand new body--a much younger one. In fact I never felt this free even in my youth. I can see that this program is the only way to gain real freedom from physical problems. I highly recommend it to everyone."

Frozen Shoulder
"About a year ago I lost the full range of motion in my left shoulder. There was quite a bit of discomfort and I wasn't able to perform many activities such as lifting. I received 100 percent relief about one month after my consultation."

Lower Back Pain
“I began having lower back pain in April 1997. I’ve had problems intermittently, to the point where at times it is difficult to walk. Seeing a chiropractor helped some, but I wasn’t able to exercise without having moderate to severe lower back pain afterwards. “After my first session I felt some good effect. But then I overdid it at the gym and started to feel very sore. During my second session, all that soreness in my neck and back was released, and since that time I’ve been swimming and exercising with Nautilus. My back pain is virtually relieved. I can feel that the back muscles are in much better shape and supporting my body in a way they haven’t for a long time.” --Kit Dziuba

Lower Back Pain
"I’ve had lower back pain for several years. It's easily aggravated by too much of anything—especially lifting, driving, exercising, or working at the computer. After just one session, I felt the area was almost completely clear. Immediately, I could do yoga positions without the restrictive discomfort I've felt for so long. It continually surprises me now how I can bend over and feel absolutely no pain!" --Jan Shaw

Back Pain and Sciatica
“For the last ten years I have had pain in my lower back. The pain shoots down into my hip and sometimes all the way down my leg. I have not been able to walk more than 20 yards without it hurting with every step. “I received a Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation and immediately the pain was gone. I keep expecting the pain to come back but it has not. I have not felt this well in ten years. This has been one of the most profound experiences I have ever had.” --John Van de Steeg

Herniated Disk
“About eight years ago I had a herniated disk that resulted in a lot of pain. The only thing the doctors could offer was surgery that ran the risk of partial or full paralysis. After my first session the pain was immediately 100 percent gone. I have not had any pain or discomfort since the consultation.” --Susan Fox

Neck and Back Pain
"Eight years ago I was diagnosed with severe degenerative disk disease, two herniated discs in my lumbar region, and a stenosis in my neck. I saw two neurologists and a neurosurgeon who did surgery on my neck. He warned me it would not significantly help with my neck and shoulder pain, and he was right.
"Since the surgery I've seen three orthopedic surgeons and two osteopathic doctors, none of whom could give me even the slightest hope of helping my condition, except by taking drugs. Even with drugs the pain was still there, it just didn't bother me as much. I've also seen chiropractors who did provide some temporary relief if I did not move around much.
"When my brother heard of this treatment he offered to help pay for my consultation. I had consultations for my neck and shoulders, mid-back, and lower back. After the first session, some discomfort came as the day proceeded, but mostly because I was walking in the mountains. After the second session, as the day wore on, even though I was walking a lot I rarely felt uncomfortable. I felt as much as 70 percent of the pain was gone. After the third session I felt that as much as 90 percent of the pain and discomfort was gone, even though I had walked around the mountains like a tourist, and haven't had any regular exercise in years! I am more than satisfied and thoroughly amazed and pleased." --Thomas Van de Steeg

Neck Pain
"After my second session of the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation, the pain and pressure in my neck, which I'd had for the past 25 years, was completely gone! I felt healed on such a deep level, allowing bliss and energy to flow freely in that area both in meditation and activity." --G. G.

Injuries Relieved After 10 Years of Suffering
"About 10 years ago I suffered injuries to my neck and left hip. The neck injury was diagnosed as a herniated disk, and the hip as bursitis. Since then, I've experienced a lingering stiffness and discomfort in both areas. Immediately after my consultation I noticed a 40 to 50 percent reduction in the stiffness in my neck, and a 50 percent improvement in my hip. Nothing I've tried has produced such dramatic results in such a short time-and I've tried a lot!"

Pain and Numbness in the Hips and Thigh
"I went into Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology as a last resort, resigned to live with pain and numbness in the hips and thigh caused by a back injury. I had resigned myself to a life of rest and sitting with little possibility for dynamic activity. I had resigned from living life fully.
"My first session was a wonderfully nourishing and blissful experience that produced immediate results. During the consultation, I first noticed a soft, pulsating, warm milky light, somewhat like the feel of a cashmere blanket on a cold drafty night, covering my lower legs. It began in the ankles and then moved up to encompass the whole lower body and torso.
"I became aware of my pulse, pulsating not just in the heart or at the wrist, but throughout my body's entire circulatory system. As I felt the pulse moving comfortably through the arteries and veins, I occasionally felt some twinges or discomfort in areas that were not functioning properly, but that cleared up quickly.
"At the end of the session, as I stretched, I found I was more flexible and had less attention to protecting the body, as the body was more normal in its functioning.
"During the rest of the day, I had more energy, more enthusiasm for activity, more joy in being active. Whereas before it took energy just to sit, and the thought of physical activity was exhausting, now the thought of sitting was boring and I wanted to move and be active and accomplish. I was happy in activity and it posed no problem for my physiology.
"Since then, I occasionally have twinges of pain in the thigh, but the amazing thing is that I apply the oil I was given and the pain really does go away, all on its own. It's as if the body continues to remember normal functioning.
"With the consultation, and the resulting enthusiasm and ability to be dynamic once again, I feel happier and more a part of the pace of normal life. Deep within, I know that I can remember normal functioning. I definitely recommend this for anyone who may be in a similar situation." --Theresa Olsen

Throwing Away the Cane
"My husband drove me [to the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation] the first two days, Saturday and Sunday. There were a few steps in front of the building that were very difficult for me to navigate. With the quad cane I had to walk sideways. It was really something. Then I could hardly get up on the table. Two people had to help me.
"On Monday, the third day, I got up on the table unassisted. After the session I realized I did not need a cane. It was like a miracle. I have not used the cane since.
"When I first told my internist what I planned to do, I thought he might be annoyed with me, but he said, 'Try it. If it works, go for it.'
"The next time I saw him, I said, 'Guess what happened after the third session?'
"He said, 'I know what happened. You threw away your cane.'
"'How do you know?' I asked.
"'Well, I can see how you're walking. You hopped up on the examination table. Look at how you're moving around.'" --Virginia Sendor

Pain as the Primary Problem   Back to Menu

"Since I was 18 I've had migraine headaches. I don't have them all the time, but I get them occasionally. I went to my first session with a migraine. I was feeling a dull pain throughout my head and sensitivity to light. Within ten minutes, my head was filled with bliss. I felt a complete relaxation and relief in my head and throughout my whole body. In my experience, migraines just don't go away instantly like that. It was completely amazing!"--Adam Pressman

Tension Headache
"In the past ten years, I have had to take analgesics for headache pain from one to three times per day, every day. I had a headache when I went for my first session. Within seconds, I felt my symptoms reduced by about 75 percent. I felt similar reductions in pain during the second and third sessions. There was a subtle, but very real transformation taking place in the body. The relief I first felt has been maintained. I only take pain medication now about once per week instead of every day." --Male, early 50s

Tension Headache
"For about two and a half months I had either a headache or head pressure every day. After the first session the pressure dissolved and I felt a lightness and clarity in my thinking. The pressure returned after four days so I went immediately for another session. Within an hour it disappeared and has not recurred since, even though two months have elapsed.
"I've also noticed many other benefits that extend beyond the lack of pain. I feel lightness, clarity and inner peace, all of which have become stable and constant friends to me these days. I can accurately say that I went from abject misery to heavenly bliss."--Male, mid 40s

Chronic Headache
"I have had a headache for a long time, a terrible pressure in my head. After my first session I felt a lightness and a deep peaceful feeling permeating my head. The second session gave me light relief. On the third session I could feel a blissful lightness all throughout my brain and my head filled with bliss. I felt such relief and peace. Even in the hustle and bustle of getting ready to travel the relief is still there. It's really a miracle!"--Rick Weberg

Pain Syndrome
"The main reason I took advantage of the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology program was because of pain in my knees, neck, and all down the right side of my body to my hip. The pain had been there for at least 30 years.
"After my Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation I felt very light and comfortable on my right side. When I got home I noticed there was no pain in my knees walking up the stairs. When I sat to do my meditation program I was surprised to find I could sit any way I wanted to and feel quite comfortable. Each day the situation in my right side and my knees has become better and better. I feel like a new person."--Geri McFadden

Pain and Fear Diminished
"For 30 years I have suffered from chronic pain in my head and entire right side of my body. The pain has been constant and compounded by a fear of wide-open spaces and heights, anxiety, panic attacks, and anger. I've also experienced a lack of focus and fulfillment. I've been prescribed Ritalin, and although it had a calming effect initially, over the long term it produced discomfort, so I discontinued it.
"During and after my consultation, I felt the pain had diminished and I had more connection with my right side. I also noticed that I didn't feel anxious when walking along the beach. I'm more focused in my work, and my wife feels I'm not as angry as before, that I have more control. I very much appreciate this program, and I feel the results were quite dramatic."

"Three years ago in a traumatic accident while stunt doubling, my surfboard hit me on the head during extreme surfing conditions. After the accident my body ached all over, but doctor after doctor told me that nothing was wrong. They could not detect anything even though I was in extreme pain. After six doctors telling me that nothing was wrong, I decided to do some research on my own. I discovered that my symptoms matched fibromyaglia, which is chronic tightening and drying of the muscle tissue.
"I could barely walk in the morning without taking a hot bath, herbs and meditation. The pain in my back, hips, feet, neck and head brought me to tears. I had seen eleven doctors by this time, and my life seemed hopeless. I was very skeptical and emotionally distraught. I really had no desire to live.
"I heard from a friend about the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology program. After my first session of twenty minutes or so, I was in beach terminology, "blown away." I was ecstatic! Eighty percent of the pain was gone. The following sessions reassured me that I had a new lease on life. Once more I felt like a normal human being, with little and sometimes no pain at all. I plan on taking one more consultation when these wonderful experts come to Los Angeles."--Kip Jergen

"Last summer following an accident my husband developed a condition diagnosed as fibromyaglia. He had intense pain in most of his muscles and joints. Even to lift a pen, hold a piece of paper or press the buttons on a touch tone phone was painful. He was nearly bedridden and required nearly 24-hour-a-day care. It was suddenly like living in a bad dream, feeling this couldn't be real.
"When he started the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology program he could only lift his arms about six inches. Every day this improved until he could reach well above his head. The pain decreased daily and flexibility increased. Sometimes after the sessions he seemed to glow with the kind of radiance of one experiencing a state of inner happiness and well being. He seemed to be changing from the inside out.
"Due to the nature of his problem, many sessions were necessary over a several week period. Watching him progress during and after the program was like watching a miracle unfold, a huge transformation on all levels of his life-mentally, physically, and spiritually. I highly recommend the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology program to anyone with chronic or serious health problems."

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Paralysis from Whiplash
"I am quite amazed with the results of my Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation. For the last two years, due to whiplash from an auto injury, I have experienced lack of mobility in my neck and the loss of functioning in my arm.
"On the first day of the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation I felt a profound change. At the beginning of the session the injured arm and the area around the neck felt heavy, thick and full of inertia, but during the session they became sweet, light and comfortable. The inner intelligence in the affected area seemed to wake-up. It was an enjoyable experience.
"That evening the sweetness seemed to grow. I felt wonderful. I was on top of the world. Happiness and bliss pervaded my awareness. The arm and area around my neck seemed to be pervaded by a bright light and blissful, divine intelligence. To my amazement, over the next few days there seemed to be times when my arm had completely improved.
"For the first time in two years I am able to use the arm in a normal manner. Two weeks after my Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation I could carry groceries. I can now even scratch my back! I have not been able to do these things for two years. With this quality of improvement I am looking forward to swimming again this summer."--Christina Revolinski

Respiratory Disorders   Back to Menu

"I have had asthma since I was two years old and have been dependent on medication for breathing. I commonly use my inhaler medication four or five times during the day and once or twice at night.
"During the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology sessions it seemed the constriction in my lungs left and was replaced with pure bliss, light and air. It was an extremely pleasant experience.
"Since the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation about ten days ago, I have used my inhaler a total of five times. This is a huge improvement! And I have tested the results by participating in several activities that I love-hiking in the mountains, riding my horses, all things that would have caused an asthma attack-but I didn't need the medication during or after any of these activities.
"This program has given me, for the first time in my life, the ability to live my life fully. Instead of holding back from activity to prevent the need for medication, I can now become more physically fit and healthy on all levels."--Peggy Palms

Instant Relief from Asthma Symptoms
"Before I took the program I'd been working hard, and felt as if my health had really fallen. I had symptoms of asthma and poor digestion. The 'Instant Relief' consultation really lived up to its name--even after the first session the reduction in asthma symptoms was remarkable. The side benefit I liked most was the return of that inner experience of health which I had missed for so long."--Russ Wollman

"I've had seasonal allergies since I was a child, and in 1996 began to suffer from severe asthma attacks. During my consultation, I experienced great physical and emotional relief associated with the asthma. For 10 weeks after completing the program, I had no asthma attacks. There were a few times when I felt my chest begin to tighten up, but each time an amazing thing happened. I would find myself spontaneously relaxing-I'd stop, take a deep breath, and let go. This happened completely naturally. I've had a couple of attacks recently, due to the extreme heat and humidity. Despite the fact I'm not completely cured, I feel healthier, happier and more vital. The long and the short of it is, the program works!"

Chronic Bronchitis
"I have had chronic bronchitis for over five years. I could not lay flat on my back without wheezing and coughing. Any deep breathing was difficult. Since my first visit to the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology expert this has all changed.
"During the first session the expert asked me how my breath was. I then realized I'd been laying on my back for some time and not coughing. I inhaled to see how bad the cough was and I didn't cough. I tried again to clear my lungs. No coughing spasms! The next two days I did cough lightly but just a few times a day. On a deep exhalation I can detect a small wheeze.
"This is such a dramatic improvement, such a sudden contrast. I remain amazed and deeply grateful."--Susan Fox

"I have had a problem with nasal congestion most of my life, with episodes of hay fever and sneezing. Recently I have often experienced a feeling of congestion and pressure in my nose that frequently escalates into a painful sinus infection.
"On the first day of my Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology consultation I noticed less congestion on one side of my nose. After the second session I felt a similar relief in the other side of the nose. I feel a definite and welcome improvement as well as a general enhancement of my health. I rate my improvement at 75 percent."

Skin Disorders   Back to Menu

"I have had eczema for 25 years. It's usually on my fingers, but it can go to other parts of my body. Lately I had a large patch on my legs and thighs.
"Two days after my first session, it began to clear up. After one week it was gone. I still get very small, occasional sores on my fingers, but it's 95 percent gone. I had tried all types of treatment with very little success. It's been a deep, long-term problem and I am very grateful for this program and the relief it has given me."--Gregg Huette

Rash with Dry Skin
"One month after my last session, my skin is much improved. I have 90 percent less dryness and rash and an 80 percent improvement in my liver and digestion functions. My elimination is better too as a result."--Male, early 30s

Burning and Itching Skin
"For three years I had been suffering from a serious skin disruption and irritation. My symptoms included intense burning and itching sensations on the face and neck, as well as on the forearms and lower back. These symptoms were so severe that at times I could not sleep. I tried various diets and herbal supplements and did notice some marginal improvements. However, these improvements tended to disappear if I did not follow the diet regularly or take the supplements. I was afraid I would have to live with this condition the rest of my life.
"After my first Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology session I noticed some decrease in the burning sensations, but just before the second session the symptoms became very intense and unpleasant. During and immediately after the second session the symptoms vanished. It was a huge relief. The third session consolidated the gains. It is now two weeks since my last session and I have no need for a special diet or herbal supplements. My skin is free from all the burning and itching sensations I had experienced in the past. It seems as though a great weight has been lifted. A very blissful experience."

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Pain Relieved and Surgery Averted
"I had pain from uterine fibroid tumors for three years, and surgery was recommended. The program has alleviated 85 percent of the pain. I no longer have to take the pain pills that were eating away at my stomach lining. It was a great success. I'm thrilled I don't need to have surgery anymore."

Other Disorders   Back to Menu

Comfort Replaces Shyness
"All my life I have been very shy. I felt uncomfortable around most people, especially men. After the first session, I walked outside and my heart felt completely open. Everything looked so beautiful to me, and I felt deeply settled.
"A man who works in my department told me he always used to feel uncomfortable around me, that I wouldn't look him in the eye when I talked to him. He says that feeling is completely gone now. More than two months have gone by, and I am continuing to experience ever-increasing fullness of heart around everyone. It amazes me that such a gentle procedure can have such a powerful, transforming effect."--Margi Wilson

Three-Year-Old Gains New Strength for Walking and Talking
"Our son went straight to the Intensive Care Unit after birth. We learned that he had a lung disorder, one that very few babies survive. After three days, the doctors told us he probably wouldn't make it, but they were willing to try a new procedure to save his life.
"Fortunately, the treatment was successful, and after a few months our son came home. There was some mild neurological damage from the life-saving procedures, and due to this, he has had low muscle tone.
"It was extremely hard for him to learn how to sit up, how to crawl. He couldn't even walk until we got braces for him. Once he had the braces, he was up and walking within a week. You never saw a happier kid. He was grinning from ear to ear.
"The low muscle tone also made speech very difficult for him. He found it hard to get his mouth and tongue to move, and to keep the breath going. He got to the point where he could speak two or three words at a time, and then his voice would fade out.
"His receptive understanding was wonderful. He understood everything we asked him to do, and could solve problems just fine. Mentally, he was even a little advanced for his age. But because he couldn't express himself, it was very frustrating for him.
"We took him through the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology program, and now he's talking in full sentences. He is so happy. He's not losing his voice. He's thrilled to be able to communicate. When he talks, he sometimes yells, he's just so excited. He's talking in complete sentences. He can speak two sentences at a time. He's coming out with these big, long, complicated words-four or five syllable words-in the middle of a sentence. It's really a dramatic difference.
"His walking has also improved. The other day he came to some stairs and I was behind him. He used to wait for me to come. I would take his hand and we'd go up together, one step at a time. This time he saw the stairs and went up four or five steps all by himself, not holding on, one right after the other.
"He's made a giant leap forward. His coordination and balance are so much better. He's running around the yard more quickly. He doesn't wear braces now. For him, the difference is very dramatic, and he's much happier that he can do so many new things.
"He always made very steady progress, but the rate of development has sped up so much. It's just a wonderful thing to see." --Marlene Stanley

Clarity and Inner Happiness Grow
"Since my consultation I feel more clarity, more inner happiness, and more loving toward everyone. From the first session, I felt like my mind and body had received a mental and physical bath."--Janet Attwood

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